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Public Transportation

We Insure The Following Public Transportation Vehicles:

  • Taxis
  • Limos
  • Shuttle Vans
  • Buses
  • Commuter Vans

Public Transportation Services offered:

Primary Auto Liability
Primary Auto Liability insurance is required by State and often Federal regulations. Every carrier must carry liability insurance on every rig even on leased units (Autos). Liability insurance protects you when a third party is injured in an accident. Owner-operators should ask when leasing onto a company who will pay for their insurance – the company or from driver weekly settlements. A suggestion is that they obtain proof of the Leasing company’s Insurance.

Physical Damage
Physical Damage insurance is coverage for your truck and trailer. Your premium is often based on a percentage of the value of your equipment. This coverage is not required by law but if you finance your vehicle the lien holder will require it. Some Companies use the simpler Actual Cash value at the time of the loss.

General Liability
General Liability insurance protects the business for any property damage or bodily injury that might occur which does not involve an Auto. This includes accidents at your place of business or caused by an employee on or off premises, including fire damage to property you may be renting; advertising related and/or contractual risks.

Other Unusual Exposures
Garage Liability and Garage Keepers Legal liability. Some firms do repair work for others. These forms of insurance are to pick up the exposures for the liability for the use of a non-owned automobile (Customer’s automobile, trailer, car or truck; for example). Garage Keepers Legal Liability covers the specified perils (or Comprehensive Coverage) and Collision damage that may happen to the customers Truck, Trailer or Automobile)

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